Natural diatomaceous earth for hazard-free control of red mites and other crawling insects

Product description

InsectoSec® is manufactured from amorphous diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a natural mineral extracted from the microscopic shells of fossilized diatoms. InsectoSec® is used as an insecticide mainly to control the red fowl mite in poultry farms but also for biocidal purposes against crawling insects in house and garden. InsectoSec® can be used in empty barns but also in the presence of animals.

InsectoSec® is applied to the preferred hiding places and travel routes of the insects. The fine powder sticks to the body of the insects and kills them within a short time. Up to now no resistances against InsectoSec® have been identified. 




Poultry farming

Application details

30-50 g/m² of chicken house. No direct treatment of animals. Hiding places of the pests have to be located and coated with a fine film of InsectoSec®. InsectoSec® powder can be either used dry or mixed with water before application. Moist treatment avoids dust and improves adhesion.

House and garden

Application details

5 – 10 g/running meter for establishing a dust barrier across the preferred travel routes of the insects. Alternatively the whole area can be dusted. 

Product Details


Keep dry. Shelf life at least 24 months. The product is non-perishable beyond guaranteed minimum durability.


1 L dusting bottle, 2 kg, 15 kg

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