Additive for improving plant coverage and efficacy of plant protection measures

Product description

Cocana® is an additive containing potassium salts of fatty acids. Cocana® lowers the surface tension of the spray liquid and ensures an optimal leaf wetting. The adherability of the plant protection product or plant strengthener is significantly improved thereby increasing the biological effectiveness of the plant protection measure. Especially in viticulture it is recommended to add Cocana® to the tank when spraying wettable sulphur.

Cocana® is suitable as an additive for most plant protection products in viticulture, fruit and vegetable growing, agriculture and cultivation of ornamental plants.


Up to 0,5 % v / v. 

Application details

Cocana® is not miscible with Myco-Sin®, XenTari® and products containing granuloviruses.

Product details


Keep frost-free. Shelf-life at least 36 months.


25 L

Additional Information

Cocana Safety data sheet (78.1 KiB)

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