Biofa GmbH

Leading company in organic plant protection

BIOFA GmbH is a medium-sized company in the South-West of Germany dedicated to organic agriculture.

Founded in 1979, we provide our customers and partners with a full range of plant protection products, plant strengtheners, fertilizers and beneficials for organic and integrated farming (IP). As a result of our market presence and a quarter of a century of experience in sales and registration of biological solutions, we are well known to almost all organic growers in Germany.

BIOFA GmbH has grown in line with the expansion of organic farming in Germany and sells only products approved for organic farming in compliance with EC -Regulation No. 834/2007. As the leading provider of the German biological plant protection sector we have excellent connections with research institutes and registration authorities. Thanks to our long-standing experience and good reputation we have established a leading position in the European biopesticide market in the last few years.

BIOFA GmbH is conducting EU-level registrations for biopesticides with the following active substances: lime sulphur, diatomaceous earth, potassium bicarbonate.